The science behind TST


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Whether or not you choose to get involved in the TST technical development program, if you can get hold of and read the 2 books quoted below ( Bounce and The Talent Code) it will give you a greater understanding of the skill acquisition process your child is going through and how your child can apply these principles to what ever they do.

The TST coaching process has been influenced heavily by these 2 books. Hopefully you are able to read them and then see how TST is using the principles outlined in these books to enhance the acquisition of soccer technique


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The Feedback Cycle

So based on the above we coach using what we call the Feedback Cycle.

That is we set a challenge which we hope will be just outside a players technical limits, and so we hope their is failure (initially).

Whist doing this challenge, there will be opportunities for the player to receive feedback.

  • This can be internal.
    • The player themselves identifies an error and actively attempts to correct the error to get success or at least fail 'less'.
  • This can be external.
    • The coach offers guidance/feedback on how to improve which the player can apply
    • Or if we apply a time and space constraint, this may give a player feedback and an opportunity to improve

Following this feedback, the player repeats the challenge, and we hope their is improvement. It may not be success but it might that they have failed less.

Whilst re-trying the challenge the feedback cycle can occur again. And hopefully improvement occurs again.

After sufficient exposure to the feed back cycle, the player will reach the target (challenge). At this point, after the euphoria of success has receded, we set a new slight out of reach challenge, and the Feedback Cycle starts again.

This process in theory should never end.

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So with the above in mind, TST is about developing the tools and knowledge to play in tight spaces

  • We teach players how to Manipulate their Time and Space in tight spaces
  • We develop a players ‘ability to play’ in tight spaces
  • We develop a players ‘ability to think’ in tight spaces 
  • We develop a players ‘ability to link’ in tight spaces

There is no magic wand and there are no shortcuts.

Great technique is easy to acquire – as long as you put in the hard work ! 

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