What is TST all about?

TST is Footwork, Balance, Touch and Intelligence.
TST is an essential compliment to team training.
TST covers what team training can't (and shouldn't).


Individual technique* is a too big a topic for your team coach to focus on to any significant degree and is almost an impossible task.

A team coach, assuming they are a good coach, needs players who can 'control a ball and pass' intelligently within a relatively complicated environment, who understand structure and can hold a position, who can move into good ‘off the ball’ positions, who can follow tactical instructions and who can work hard when needed. Developing this will take up most of your team coach’s time.  (If your team coach is not good then you wont even learn these things).

A team coaches 'technical' development process (if you are lucky) is about first touch, a little manipulation of space, a pass and and basic off the ball technique (position, body shape, checking and scanning) all under the problem solving umbrella and this is fine. If a team coach is developing these, then they are doing a great job. [Team coaches will also cover a huge amount of additional game related aspects which don't fall under the 'technical umbrella].

But individual technique is so much more than the bare minimum, to the point it is impossible to cover all game functional technique at team training well. However, if players only ever cover the most basic and simplest components of technique (at team training) they eventually are held back by their limited technical tool kit.

So TST is here to help bridge this gap in the technical development process.

There are other technical development programs out there, who all have  different objectives based on what they believe individual technical development should focus on.

Some are just simple extension of team training but maybe offer greater intensity and repetition of a few basic techniques (bounce pass, lateral touch, a check). It is very similar to what might be happening at team training except not to the same degree.

Others focus on ball mastery and 1v1 moves. These programs are often a team coach worst nightmare. A team coach wants his players to learn to play the game with team-mates, where as players in these problems just want to play the game as if other players don't exist.

TST however uses a game functional footwork curriculum that enhances a players ability to manipulate space and solve problems, that benefit the team and help to enhance the level of team play.

 In a nutshell TST is :

  • Footwork Balance Touch Intelligence
  • An essential compliment to team training
  • TST covers what team training can't (and shouldn't)







Team training should be about learning how to play the game,

so let your team coach worry about that, and let TST worry about accelerating a players game functional footwork technique.


  Why advanced game functional individual football technique stands out as a development objective

The best players in the world have phenomenal technique and intelligence. The best athletes, the fastest runners, the physical players, the hard working players are never the best players in the world. This is a clear indication that

Technique and Intelligence ultimately trumps all other attributes.


Our process works:

In 2018 3% of all Australians playing overseas (6 out of about 200) developed a game style built upon the TST footwork curriculum


For more information about exactly what we do at TST, please dive deeper into this website. If you would like to test it out for your self then please read through, go to the contacts page and get in touch with us and get involved.


So whether your child is:

  • Already at a high level ( close to or at state level)
  • Young but shows the potential to be at this level in the future
  • Showing great athleticism and game sense but needs work on technique
  • Loves the game and wants to improve
  • Loves focused purposeful and deliberate practice (involving repetition and feedback)

Then we can help your child go up a level. All we ask for in return is a great attitude to practice, a work ethic which is about patience and hard work, and a belief that this practice will make a worthwhile difference down the track. There are no worthwhile quick fixes to player development.

But also note:

Technical Soccer Tuition is not for your child if:
Your child does not enjoy focused practice, does not give 100% towards improvement,
gets easily distracted or easily distracts others, or just wants to learn tricks,
 thinks that games are about tricks and just wants to play games in which they can do 1v1 moves.

The game is about space, and foot work is just a tool in the manipulation of space.

So it may look like we develop footwork, when in reality we are simply developing the ability to

manipulate time and space.



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