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If you are a coach with a professional, hard working and conscientious attitude, have an engaging, motivating and supportive personality and have good technical ability  then we would love you to apply for a coaching position at TST.

Job Description ;

  • Small Group technical development Program
    • We specialize in developing Game functional Football Technique to young players with a huge focus on touch, game functional footwork, and game intelligence at an individual level )
  • Groups are up to 6 players per group).
  • Part Time* position.
  • Saturday afternoons only.
  • Camberwell high School, Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell, Melbourne
  • Duration:  1pm - 5.30pm.
    • For exact session details click on this link.

  • The focus is on the individual. It is not a team or big group training environment.
    • Sessions are all about helping players develop a relationship with the ball and to become 1 with the ball.
    • Sessions are more like a private sessions than a team training session.
      • We try to coach components of the game that team and big group coaching fails to cover to the level necessary.
      • Coaches therefore need to follow a technical curriculum and framework.
    • Developing Footwork and its application is a big part of the coaching process as we believe the touch and footwork patterns developed this way can be transferred to all parts of the game when on the ball (first touch, moving the ball, passing).
    • There is a specific footwork development process that all coaches need to follow.
    • There are specific footwork patterns that all coaches need to be able to do and coach.
    • Players can range from 5 years old to 15 years old, and there are about 4 levels of footwork development.
    • Players are grouped by age and ability, and the session format changes to match this. There are 4 levels to the TST process which you will be expected to know and be comfortable with.
  • It is in Melbourne, Australia. [If you are not in Melbourne, or do not have concrete plans to come to Melbourne then do not apply].
  • For more details about the TST program go to the home page of this website and work through the website.


Are you technically capable of coaching the TST footwork curriculum :

Click here to find out.

These patterns are the foundations of the technical program at TST, and are developed so that the Technical games we play tend towards higher and higher levels.

Typical Tech Game at TST

You must be able to coach games that focus on both game intelligence that works in conjunction with the execution of appropriate technique.


Part 1 of the application process :

The first part of the Application process is to Submit your:

  • General CV [not job specific]
  • Soccer Specific CV - including all relevant coaching experience


Subject : Application for a coaching position


  • You are happy to demonstrate the fundamental footwork exercises (on this page) when we catch up for the first time
  • You are happy to demonstrate your coaching personality (by getting involved in a session) when we catch up for the first time

Part 2 of the application process :

  • When we catch up with you we will ask you to show us your:
    • Technical Ability: Demonstrate one of the ball moving patterns in the video above.
    • Personality : Get involved in part of a session (a tech game) in which you can demonstrate you personality and coaching style.

FYI: We are looking for coaches who are very engaging and positive towards young players and instill a motivation to learn through positive engagement. This is not a boot camp and we don't want coaches to be intimidating or aggressive in their manner.

Please do not apply if you cannot do the ball moving patterns or do not have a coaching style that suits the program.


If you successfully get through this part of the process. We will talk more about about conditions of employment and rates of pay.


We pay very high rates to the best coaches.

(Our top coaches get $60/hour).

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