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Due to the ever increasing number of inquiries from young players wanting to benefit from the technical training TST can provide, Coaching Positions are available at TST to the right coach.

Job Description ;

  • It is a Part Time* position either on on
    • Saturday afternoons : Camberwell High School, Camberwell : Starting at 1pm or 2pm until 5.30pm (Footwork sessions) or
    • For exact session details click on this link (Note: the position is for the footwork sessions only).
  • There is the potential to develop this into a full time position through private coaching and team training (with a local club).
  • We specialize in developing Game functional Football Technique to young players with a huge focus on touch, game functional footwork, and game intelligence at an individual level )
  • Groups are small(Up to 6 players per group).
  • The focus is on the individual [It is not a team or big group training environment]
    • Sessions are all about helping players develop a relationship with the ball and to become 1 with the ball.
    • Sessions are more like a private sessions than a team session.
    • Developing Footwork and its application is a big part of the coaching process as we believe the touch and footwork patterns developed this way can be transferred to all parts of the game when on the ball (first touch, moving the ball, passing).
    • There is a specific footwork development process that all coaches need to follow.
    • There are specific footwork patterns that all coaches need to be able to do and coach.
    • This is not a team coaching position. (Not 11-a-side and not futsal).
      • We do what team coaching doesn't do.
    • Players can range from 5 years old to 15 years old, and there are about 4 levels of footwork development.
    • Players are group by age and ability, and the session format changes to match this. There are 4 levels to the TST process which you will be expected to know and be comfortable with.
  • It is in Melbourne, Australia. [If you are not in Melbourne, or do not have concrete plans to come to Melbourne then do not apply].
  • For more details about the TST program go to the home page of this website
  • Sessions venues / Locations ; East Melbourne (Camberwell)
  • Click here for details about Rates of pay.

If you are keen to apply, please note the right coach has to;

  • Be able to commit long term (for 12 months if possible) to the program
    • Our conditions of  employment has a built in 'safety net' (payment is in arrears) to ensure we do not employ coaches just passing through.
    • Click here for more details about the Safety Net.
  • Be available to work on Saturdays afternoons (camberwell)
  • Be passionate about technical development in aspiring elite level football players.
  • Must have good technical ability (can easily do what we ask the players to do) and have the right communication style and general personality that young players feel respond positively to.

With this said: check out these videos

Fundamental Footwork Patterns

All coaches need to be very good at these basic ball moving exercises

Rhythm of footwork

All coaches need to be able to understand and demo the rhythm of footwoork

Move into the ball at a certain speed ( jog : Run : Sprint ) and maintain the rhythm of this movement when interacting with the ball.


Typical Tech Game at TST

All coaches need to be play fun games that focus on game intelligence, but also require the execution of appropriate technique.

When we catch up with you we ask you to demonstrate the ball moving patterns in the first video above.

We will also get you to take a part of a session (a tech game) to allow you to demonstrate you personality and coaching style.

FYI: We are looking for coaches who are very engaging and positive towards young players and instill a motivatuion to learn through positive engagement. This is not a boot camp and we don't want coaches to be intimidating or aggressive in their manner.

Please do not apply if you cannot do the ball moving patterns or have a coaching style that is more old school in nature.

So to reiterate :
Click here to view the necessary *Application Criteria;
Or jump straight to the application form.
Application Form And send in your application if you back yourself as the right coach for the TST program

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