Intuitive Intelligence Sessions

 'TST / TF14 present the Intuitive Intelligence Sessions'

Game Intelligence Sessions for Advanced Players


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The Game Intelligence Sessions

for 'older and advanced 'players who:

1) Have come through the TST small group program, have exceptional footwork and need to improve their game intelligence.

2) Have been overlooked by the 'FFV state program, Victory and City' but still believe they can play a high level (where they get paid to play) in the future and are desperate to get to a higher level.

3) We have an affiliate program with TF14 linked to these sessions. This program allows players to get a huge discount off the TF14 Talent ID camp (help in December each year in Melbourne. This camp brings over about 8 coaches, from 8 different European clubs, who are on a scouting mission). This arrangement between TF14 and TST is in place because of the success ex-TST players have had through this camp. In 2018 3% of all Australians playing overseas at professional clubs used TST as part of the development. The partner ship works.


Their are 2 levels to this advanced TST program.

    • Level 1 : Is about getting the head up and see the game (as opposed to the ball). This is for Advanced players U12-u14
    • Level 2 : Is about developing Intuitive game intelligence. This is for advanced players U15 and older.


These sessions are for players who have been missed by the pro clubs in Melbourne but refuse to give up on their dream on becoming a professional football player and want to work towards trialing with pro clubs in Europe.

TF14 is an Official FIFA Player Agency based in Melbourne, with an excellent track record of getting players opportunities abroad.

Boris recently placed 3 players [who worked at TST for a considerable time] at Pro clubs in Europe  last year 2018. (Check these links:  Ryan and Declan Lambert  and Anthony Trajkoski ). These players are still there in 2019. 3 more ex-TST players were offered trials with European clubs. The clubs loved the boys and a contract is a definite possibility. If they were local boys then without a doubt they would be signed.

This bit is very important

Note : These 6 boys never played for the state teams but did not get deterred and just kept just working hard and are now 3 playing for a living and all get paid to play (as they play NPL here in Melbourne).

If you have the same ambition as these players, and have not made a connection with an agent who can help you get there,  then getting involved in this program is an excellent opportunity to make an essential connection, that will help you get you closer to your dream of playing football for a living.

Where and When
Camberwell High School, Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia.

Saturday afternoons
Level 1 Session: 3.30-5.15pm
Level 2 sessions: 1.15 - 3.15pm
All new players need to be assessed before being offered a spot in these sessions.


If you are keen to get involved then please complete an

Expression of interest form