Holiday Session : What are they all about?


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The Difference between the Camberwell Holiday sessions (3 hours) and Small Group Coaching.

The holiday sessions are more game and fun based than the term sessions.We don't do the same amount technical work as we do during the term.
However, we look at different passing techniques, the weak foot and work on ball striking which is not a focus in the term based sessions.
However, we do use the Holiday sessions as an opportunity to further use the techniques developed during the term in game based activities.
We are also mindful that in a three hour session the players can not be overworked, and need to have fun. So the first hour is low intensity ball striking development, and then the intensity is built from there.

What age do players have to be and what levels do players need to be at

  • At the moment the age range is U14 and younger [That is : Born 2005 and after].
    • Older players have a different session which is normally only available to players in the elite program.
  • If there are not enough really young players who are really still beginners (we need at least 4 U6/U7/U8s per session) then a session for these players may at not run.
    • Note Advanced U7s and U8s will put with U9s.
  • Players are put in groups in line with their age and ability as much as possible.
    • If an older player is a beginner, therefore then they may end up in a group with younger players.

3 Hour : Holiday session breakdown [Camberwell Mid week Holiday sessions]

  • Part 1
    • Juggling warm up
    • Passing technique practice
    • Weak foot practice
    • Balls striking practice
  • Part 2:Ball moving techniques are practiced by combining practice and specifically designed ball moving games. [Can be High Intensity]
    • A Typical game to cachieve this will be:
      • 3v3 multiple goal and direction games, Developing:
        • Recognition of time and space
        • Manipulation of time and space
        • Lateral touches to space to make a pass
        • Lateral touches to space to beat a player
        • Turns and 1v1s
  • Part 3 : SSGs including game awareness
    • (2v2s/3v3s/4v4s) where players put the above in to practice.
      • Can be High Intensity
      • Can include bounce players (but not always)
      • Can be unlimited or restricted touch.

Snack time

  • At about 12.00 we have a longer break and let the players have something to eat
  • Please make sure the players have sufficient food and drink
  • Please do not bring foods which other players may be allergic to (nuts, eggs etc)


  • The sessions run regardless of the weather (unless it is dangerous to be outside. EG;Thunderstorm risk or extremely hot) 
  • Parents / players can obviously choose to not attend a session (even after paying)  if the child is ill or they believe the weather is not suitable, and as long as costs are covered TST will offer the player a credit towards future TST sessions
  • However, please make sure players bring appropriate clothing for all weather conditions

If you would like to take part in the next holiday sessions please complete the registration form



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