A Typical Holiday Session Snapshot

A Snapshot of the TST Holiday Session  Program

 [12 hours of additional and critical technical Development Time]

Watch these videos to get feel for what TST is all about

Not all the technical components below are covered in one session. You may need to get to all 4 sessions to get exposure to all the technical components below.

Note the sessions are fun and relaxed but at the same time very competitive and challenging (as the sessions are largely game based). Players who are not used to the TST way of doing things (promotion relegation games) and not used to the game rules may find the sessions uncomfortable at first.

Not all players enjoy this model of development. Being put outside the comfort zone is not something all players deal with well, but is an essential developmental necessity for players who want to be good players.

The first half of the session is low intensity focused on dexterity of touch, weak foot, passing and ball striking.

The second half of the sessions is higher intensity (1v1s, 2v2s and 3v3s).

The intensity that a player chooses to work at is a personal choice but hard work and effort is rewarded in the promotion / relegation games. Players who work the hardest will be on, or trying to get to, the top pitch and getting the most out of the session.

Juggling Development Challenges
Weak Foot : Technique Isolation
Weak Foot : Technique Practice
Adv Juggling & Weak Foot
Ball Striking & Control [Pong]
[Pong Rules] vvvv

3P pong Rules.jpg

1v1 Footwork Practice
  • IswO
  • IsO
  • II
  • OsI
  • T : DbT : SS
  • V
  • fO
  • Fk

[What are these ? Ans:  Abbreviations for the fundamental footwork patterns (essential for all aspects of the game) we help players develop]

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1v1 Games

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Note: Holiday sessions are not necessarily small group.

Plus the essence of the holiday sessions is technical game (1v1s for example) based coaching rather than individual technical coaching.

If you are looking for individual technical coaching then get involved in the small group sessions technical development sessions that run during term times.