Special Introductory Deals


Special Introductory Deals


Deal Summary
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Introductory Deals:

Available to New players Only.

Players must apply for the deal when signing up on line. If you pay the full amount initially, the special deal will still be available to be used in future terms.

When the second free session kicks you must send in an email reminder, as it wont be automatically factored in.


The deal above is not available if the a player fails to pay prior to commencement. If you want to try a few sessions before committing then use this option.

  • The 3 for 2 intro-deal :
    • (Not available in all sessions - please check before commencement)
    • Payment prior to commencement required.



The folliwng deals are not currently available:

  • The 2 or more New player (same age and level (inc siblings)): Get any available Intro Deal + get an additional 25% discount at the start of term 2 or 3 + a 25% discount in the 3rd full term.
  • The 2 or more New player (family): Get any available intro deal + get a 10% discount at the start of term 2 or 3 + a 25% discount (instead of the normal family discount) in the 3rd full term. 
  • The 'Get a friend involved Deal  : New player gets any available Intro Deal + gets a 25% discount at the start of term 2 or 3  (for the term the players join in only) + both players get a 10% discount in the 3rd full term.

In very rare circumstance:



NOTE: We do not offer free trial sessions

This is for the following reasons:

1. Our program has grown based on referrals more than anything. We have over 140 players in the program. if our program was not good value then we would not have this number of players and would have been growing consistently since we start over 10 years ago.

Our experience of player/parents who want free trial sessions;

  • Is that they are more interest in a bargain then the product.
    • Our website is the most details website in the industry. We bend over backwards to provide you a thorough idea of what we do. This is our offer to potential new TST players. Almost all other providers give you very little info upfront, but prefer to get you in the door with freebies and then the hard sell begins. We don't do it that way.
  • They are not 100% committed to their child's development, which is fine, except we only want players 100% committed to development. So players who not 100$ invested in their development may not suit TST.
  • Our sessions are hard and put players outside their comfort zones (especially as they mature) At first this can make players feel uncomfortable. The first session might not be fun. It is not until after a few sessions that players settle in and then really grow to enjoy it.
  • We off er free sessions to new players, but just not as a trial session - as the first session will never truly reflect what the program is about.




  • Special deals only apply to new players. A new player is a player who has never done a TST session before.
  • Special deals are conditional on completing an expression of interest form prior to commencing the program [Ensure to reference all details (including the name of referrer etc) of the special deal you are hoping to receive] and payment must be made before commencement.
  • If you are claiming a special deal discount in your 3rd full term then you must also apply for this prior to the term starting to ensure it is applied.
  • Players cannot get double discounts. EG: Players can not get a special deal as 'new player' and a 'family discount' or other discount unless it is part of the deal. They must choose one or the other.
  • Any free sessions given as part of the intro deal will act as catch ups for any future missed sessions.
  • All other missed sessions need to be caught up in the normal way.
  • The 3 for 2 deal and the 1 session trial - are not available in all sessions, and if you choose either of these options it is not then possible to choose and other special deal (E.G: A 2 free session deal).
  • Players must decide on which special they want before commencement. It is not possible to up grade to a better deal once a player starts in the program.
  • Free sessions associated with intro deals are applied in terms 2 and 3 only, as we have had players in the past get involved without the intention of being involved long term - they just want something to do in between seasons. This fine and we are happy to accommodate such players in terms 3 and 4, but we would prefer players to be involved all year round, and this little rule hopes to help achieve foster this approach to development.