Private Coaching Cost





  • Some coaches initially work with new clients through TST. In these cases, where TST sets up the sessions, the costs are as follows.
  • An initial Block of 5 sessions (1 hour each, although the coach may do longer) costs $300, payable to TST in advance or the you can just book one session, but the cost is $80 payable to TST before commencement. Once the initially payment is made, the coach will contact you so you can then organize the day, time and place

Cost Guide once the 5 sessions are done

  • If after the 5 sessions you want to continue, then you and the coach will organize more sessions between yourselves. At this point the coach works independently of TST and arranges their own fees going forward. It may not be $60/session.
  • Some coaches have played for Australia, or played/worked at professional clubs, or  are excellent experienced private coaches and in huge demand, they may charge more than a younger coach. Where as the younger, who might be great for younger players (but hasn't played at the highest level nor been doing privately coaching for a long time) might be cheaper and a better fit.. So at the end of the 5 sessions hopefully you and the coach can reach a mutually acceptable fee. TST will no longer act as the intermediary at this point.
  • I am 100% confident that you / your child will enjoy the sessions, enjoy working with the coach and get a huge amount out of it.

PRIVATE COACHING COST - Organized directly with the coach

  • You can contact some coaches directly (see coaches profile page to find who this is possible with)
  • In these circumstances the coach organizes the start up process and they also set the ongoing cost of the sessions. They may do the first session free. They may work in 5 block sessions. It is best to contact the coach directly to find out what can be organized.


Go to the 'Private Coaches' Profile page, choose a coach (or 2 - depending on who meets your needs) then Contact or the coach directly and hopefully we can get something going.




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