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What does Private Coaching Achieve

Private coaching sessions are a great way to  

Accelerate the developmental process and breakdown the technical barriers that prevent players from reaching their potential

The reality is that most players (even very good junior players) are not always aware of their technical deficiencies and have no idea about how to go about fixing them. Technique however is a very easy thing to improve as long as you know what to look for, what to work on, how to improve it, and are prepared to work hard at fixing it.  TST offers the technical framework to do this.

 Who benefits most from private Coaching

  • Any player who is  keen to improve will benefit from 1-on-1 private sessions
  • [Many players use privates as a short term option but then join the TST small group program, which takes private coaching to the next level. Small group coaching allows players to play highly technical games in which players can add context to their isolated practice.]


What is the focus of the Private sessions

  • This can be left up to the coach or can be player driven. Commonly the focus for young players (who need development in all areas) is elevated ball mastery, weak foot development, ball striking techniques and footwork on the ball.
  • However sessions can also be more specific. If a player wants to improve their finishing, or work on their weak foot, then this can be the main focus of the session
  • For older players who really need incentive football specific conditioning work, rather than technical work we also have private coaches who can accommodate this. This training focuses on Agility, speed, power, explosiveness - critical development factors for players players at senior level or looking to play it soon.

Please look at the private coach profile page to pick the coach that best suits you needs.

How often should private sessions be done?

Technical Sessions; If a player, on top of their team training, could do one extra technical session per week (private or small group) where the focus is on them, it can make a big difference to their technical ability (over time - their are no quick fixes when it comes to technique).

But note, improvements in technique can only do so much for a player, as the game is comprised of a lot more than just technique, but for players who have everything else (speed, size, strength, good game understanding, good mental strength) then improving technically can be a massive boost to their game.

It may also take time for a player to learn how to effectively use improving technique in game, so sometimes the improvements that are occurring will not always be immediately apparent in their game. Plus, if a player has a coach who is not interested in technique (or using technique - and there are a lot out there) and a player plays in a team which does not use technique or play in a technical way. then any new techniques learned or improved may be of little use in the team they play in.

Soccer conditioning sessions: These focus more on speed, agility, power etc than technique. These sessions look great on you tube/ instagram / facebook etc and are increasingly represented in social media. Again if done once a week over a long period of time, they will make a massive difference to a players game.

It is important to note though that significant gains in technique from private coaching (and self generated improvement which must accompany private sessions) are permanent. They are not lost following recovery from injury. However gains in agility, power, speed and explosive need to to be rebuilt if lost following a break (from injury). Also they are not recommended when a player is going through a growth spurt. Conditioning should only be to be properly when there is no significant growth taking place.

The TST Private Coaching Team

TST uses a team of coaches who been working with TST for a while and understand the philosophy.

  • 4 of our coaches have played for Australia U20s
  • One coach is a FIFA agent and specializes in preparing players for trials in Europe
  • One coach played for the Matildas
  • Others specialize in younger players and work on improving the fundamentals
  • We have coaches that specialize in the conditioning side of the game

Go to the 'Private coach Profile page for full details. But note not all coaches are on this page as they are booked up and are not taking new clients.

Private Coach Availability

Our coaches are very busy so it is not always possible to offer private sessions due to the demand. We are trying to get coaches in all of the following areas of Melbourne ;

  • Outer Eastern suburbs
  • Inner Eastern Suburbs
  • North Western suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs

Please refer to the 'Private Coaches' Profile page to find a coach that suits your needs.

Private coaching Cost

  • The starting pack is $300 for a starting block of 5 sessions or 1 session for $80
  • Please see the ‘private coaching cost‘ page for more details.


Get in touch if you are keen to do 1-on-1 sessions

When you make an inquiry, please let us know which Coach suits you (Location, times, days etc)


Is there an alternative to private coaching?

  • As an alternative we recommend you get involved in the;

Small Group Sessions

  • These offer everything a private session does and much more.
  • See the Small group Program details for more information on this.


If all our private coaches are busy, A player might want to;

  • Join a small group session first and then begin private lessons when the opportunity arises




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