What are Small Group Coaching Sessions?

What is Small Group Coaching?

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Small Group Coaching:

  • Is an ideal combination of private coaching and game based learning.
  • Allows the same level of repetitive practice and feedback as in a private lesson, but without the expense of a private session.
  • Has the added bonus of allowing players practice their developing technique during technical game play. After all what is technique without context.

We strongly recommend this development format


The Small Group Program ‘is not’ for everyone

  • The advanced sessions in the program are not for beginners (There are a few sessions in which beginners and very young players are welcome)
  • Players who do not love the game will not benefit from the program
  • Players who just want to play a ‘game’ will not enjoy the program
  • Players who do not enjoy practice will not benefit from the program
  • Players who give up easily if things are hard will not enjoy the program

The Small Group Program ‘is’ for your child if;

  • They love the game
  • They are desperate to improve
  • They love being challenged
  • They love to practice
  • They have a maturity and ability to focus and concentrate during sessions
  • They have a willingness to practice in their own time
  • This program is especially suited to players who are already very strong players

TST strips away physical advantages as much as possible, and makes all games about technique and intelligence.

Also Note;

The program is layered and changes with a players needs as they mature.

  • The Pre-Ignition Phase - U6s and U7s (not yet playing 7v7 in club-land)
  • The Ignition Phase –  U9s and U8s (just getting to grips with 7v7 in club-land)
  • The Intro to Deep Practice Phase -  U8s-U11s
  • The Deep Practice Phase –  U9-U13
  • Flexible Circuit Deep Practice Phase –   U13+
  • Advanced Flexible Circuit Deep Practice phase-  Very advanced U15+ players

The suggested ages for these phases are just guidelines and each players is assessed individually to determine the best group for them.

[For a more in depth description of what these ‘phases’ mean, please get hold of a copy of a book called ‘The Talent Code’ by Daniel Coyle. It is an essential source of knowledge for any parent who wants their child to be the best they can be, no matter what they do]

Why are these stages important?

Because a players ability to focus and practice, and to think abstractly changes as they mature. Initially young players need to have fun and play simple but technical games. As players mature, players with potential should embrace the challenge of developing the tools required to play the game well, as well as learning how to apply these tools effectively. Those that don’t, regardless of whatever natural talent they may have, will fail to develop. As players mature and develop very good technique, playing the game under ‘time and space’ constraints becomes the key factor to development.

Note; Excellent technique is just the foundation to excellent soccer

As a players ability to comprehend abstract concepts develops, so too does the importance of focusing on the key essence of the game…..that is;

Decision making

The game is ultimately a decision making exercise BUT without excellent technique it is impossible to either make or execute good decisions and therefore impossible to play excellent football


All coaches teach the same development program that has helped TST players represent Australia at full international level (Matildas), Australia at U17/U20, get AIS scholarships and most recently sign with Melbourne Victory.


Their are groups for players of all ages. The youngest player is an U5, the oldest a senior player.  We expect all players to already be strong players for their age. At a younger age this may mean just a passion for the game. At older ages this would need to be evident in their ability and/or attitude.


Due to the sessions being technique based it allows the groups to be organized on ability (and attitude) levels not age or size, so if a young player shows lots a developing ability and an eagerness to learn they will be placed in a more advanced group.