Express an Interest : Registration

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[To register with TST using Team app, please see the notes below.]

If you want to find out more about the TST technical development program
(and the information contained within the website doesn't answer your questions)
or you want your child to give TST a go
(Introductory deals available)
please express an interest below (using team app) and submit your inquiry.

Thank you

When you express an interest / register this is the information we need.

  • Player's name
  • Payer's year of Birth
  • Player's current playing level
  • Parent's Name
  • Parent's email
  • Parent's Phone number
  • Which session (see program info) is your child looking at getting involved in.
  • Include any queries/ questions in the comments.

 Expression of Interest : Method 1

Express an interest using Team App (Our preferred method - as we use team app for most communication).

Follow these Steps:

  Download Team App   

  • Download team app to your smart phone
    • Go to the play store (Android) / App Store (I phone) and search 'teamapp'.
  • Register on team app using your main email address / Mobile#, Players Name and YOB, and all the relevant information list above.
  • Search for and find Technical Soccer Tuition

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  • Request to join the New Player Inquiry Group (including all the relevant info)
    • And we will get in touch


  Download Team App   

If the team app option doesn't work for you then the next option is to send us an email.

Expression of Interest : Method 2 :

Send an email to , including the relevant  details (see above) And we will get in touch :

Note: If you join the program we will need you to use team app (as we use this for all communication), so it may be better to use method 1 from the start.

For anything else then you can contact us as follows:

Or Email : []
Or SMS # [0425 699 955] : We will only reply to an sms message.

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