How to Pay

Please note; When paying you are paying for a spot in the program, and not for the session itself. This has implications for missed sessions.

It is assumed you have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

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TST Terms and Conditions.

Payment Methods


  • Pay Cash on Commencement
      • If you pay by cash, the CASH must be in an ENVELOP (or wrapped up in something) with your child's name and the amount written on it.
        • Cash given without something saying who the payment is for, may not be accepted.
        • If a receipt is required then ask at point of payment.


  • Via Bank Transfer
    • Name; Darren Carr   
    • BSB; 302-162  
    • Acc#: 1379014
        •  [Reference :
          • Players full name 
          • Exactly what the payment is for (EG: Term 2 2020)]
Note; You cant pay online. You must do bank transfer if paying via your bank