How to Pay

Please note; When paying you are paying for a spot in the program, and not for the session itself. This has implications for missed sessions.

It is assumed you have read and agree to abide by the TST T&Cs.

Payment Methods


  • Pay Cash on Commencement
      • If you pay by cash, the CASH must be in an ENVELOP (or wrapped up in something) with your child's name and the amount written on it.
        • Cash given without something saying who the payment is for, may not be accepted.
        • If a receipt is required then ask at point of payment.


  • Via Bank Transfer
    • Name; Darren Carr    BSB; 302-162   Acc#: 1379014
      • [Reference - use players full name]
        •  Please also send payment confirmation (sms [0425699955] / email []) when done.
Note; You cant pay online. You must do bank transfer if paying via your bank