2019 : A big Congratulations to :

  • Jacinta G - for her selection for the Young Matildas, Perth Glory and West Ham.
  • Mia S - for her selection for the U16 Matildas and Mel Victory
  • Pierce Waring - currently playing professionally in Japan
  • Any T, Dec L, Ryan L, Valli C, Harrison DN - currently playing professionally in Europe
  • All players who are working hard to improve and play at as high a level as possible - this has to be the true goal of any aspiring player

Players achievements are largely down to the hard work that players put it themselves. They will get guidance along the way (by coaches at clubs and in academies and in private sessions) but so do a lot of other players who never achieve the same success.

TST is a great technical program and will help a player improve technically (and intelligently) as long as the player is on the journey too, but we would also never ever try to claim credit for the efforts of any individual player. We are simply grateful to work with any player who wants to improve and always humbled by the determination of players who love the game and want to be the best they can.

Recap Of 2017/18

TST's Aim is always to make any player better. This may be to help a player step up from community to NPL, make the school team, or move to another level generally. However it is always nice to see players making an big impression at higher level of the game.

In 2017/18, players (who have spent a considerable time at TST) represented Victoria at all junior ages and genres (state schools, state nationals, futsal nationals). Some players moved into the Melbourne victroy/City Academy and others stepped up to their youth (u20 and senior NPL) programs. One player, who has been with us since he was 5, moved overseas to a European pro team academy after a successful trial. A number of older players are playing in Europe (fighting for a career as a footballer) and in 2017/18 a large number players are playing senior 'NPL and NPL1' despite being still eligible for U20s.

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Melbourne Victory / Melbourne City 2020

Congratulations to:

  • Danny H (2008)*
  • Rohaan S (2008)*
  • Christian D (2007)*
  • Arthur V (2007)*
  • Elijah M (2007)

Who have secured spots at either Melbourne City or Melbourne Victory for the 2020 JBNPL season.

*4 of these players joined TST when very young (6 years old)

and the 'technical fundamentals' that were laid down then, and developed since are now clearly starting to pay off. We are hoping they can stay in the program whilst also at city/vic but if not, then we wish them the very best moving forward.

In this 3v3, 4 out of the 6 players are now at vic/city in 2020.

TST provides a unique development environment that nurtures the potential in players that love the game.

The reason for their success is :
  • Develop good technical habits at the very start of their development journey or worked really hard at correcting bad habits (that normally  start to develop as soon as young players start playing).
  • Develop an increasingly advanced level of dexterity of touch (don't stop pushing the boundaries of touch - repetition repetition repetition in an increasingly challenging environment).
  • Develop an ability to use efficient and effective footwork patterns in increasingly tight spaces where time and space is increasingly restricted.
  • Develop an ability to play with the head up and see the game, not just the ball.
  • Develop an intuitive intelligence that allows players to solve problems relating to time and space.

These players join a long list of players who we have helped reach a high level of competition. Whether this be representing Victoria, joining Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City, playing professionally in Europe and repenting Australia at Junior and full International.

Click here to learn more about :

The Importance of Footwork

Is your child's being introduced to and developing Fundamental Footwork patterns?

Is you child's dexterity of touch being pushed to increasingly advanced levels?

Is your child being given the tools and confidence to play in tight spaces?