Game Intelligence : Adv Players Only : U14 & older

 Intelligence Sessions : Term 1 2020

[Session Day : Saturday Afternoon ] :
[Session Time : based on age/level]
[Session Snapshot : click here ]
  • Note: If you apply to join the advanced sessions, then first session is a trial : An official invitation to join a session is offered only after the first session *
    • *The first session will be in the most appropriate session based on age for the player. [This might be the 3.45 footwork session, the 3.30 or 1.30 intuitive intelligence session] and a spot in what we believe is the most suitable session will be offered after this. If you pay for an assessment session, and then you commit to the program, we are happy to offer any of the available intro deals moving forward.
 *Base rate: Credits / family discount / intro deals may also apply
*New players pay pro-rata plus see special deals
Term Session Dates : 2020
Period Session One* Last Session Length
Term 1 1st Feb* 28th Mar 9 weeks
Term 2 18th April 27th June 11 weeks
Term 3 18th July 19th Sept 10 weeks
Term 4 10th Oct 24th Dec 10 weeks


Link : Exact Dates : 2020


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