Introductory Deals for New Players


Introductory Deals

for new players joining a small group session


These are the deals currently available to new players:

Note to qualify for an intro deal, you must register on team app, apply when registering and pay for the intro deal before commencement.

  • Deal 1 : 1 Free Session : [Only available if registration is completed before commencement and the intro deal is paid for before or on commencement].
    • Get 3 sessions for the price of 2 on commencement :
      • Cost depends on which session you do.
      • This intro deal is offered in good faith such that if all goes well, there will be commitment from the player to stay involved the program all year round.
      • The program is designed as a long term development program so  players who only intend to get involved for a couple of sessions, or for just a term or 2 - will not get the full benefits of the program. This program is therefore, not suitable for players who are only looking for a short term training option. If this is the case,we would be grateful that players did not take advantage of the intro deal.
    • If the first session turns out to be at completely the wrong level, then we would offer another free session in the following term to make up for this.
  • Deal 2 : 2 Free Sessions : [Only available if registration is completed before commencement and the intro deal is paid for before or on commencement].
    • Join this term (pay in full and commit to this term) and then continue in the program in the following term and get :
    • 1 free session in your first full term and
    • 1 free session in your second full term.
    • Note : Available to New players Only who apply for it when they sign up on line.

There are no free single trial sessions. We prefer players to try a few sessions before making a decision about committing.

  • Family Discount
    • A family discount is available and is dealt with as follows.
    • We will invoice you the full amount. If you have more than one child in the program, and getting a family discount is critical for your involvement, then you simply apply a 10%* discount to the full amount due. You need to do this without asking if it is ok. If you ask if its ok. We will refer you back here.  Note : If you pay the full amount then there is no refund. [*Term 1 2020 Only : this % is 20% if there are 3 siblings]
    • It is done this way as an admin simplification procedure.

Note: Players can not get more than 1 deal when joining. They can get the family discount or one of the intro deals but not both. Once committed, the family discount will still apply on term fees.

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