Advanced Intelligence Based Sessions : What is worked on

  • Footwork (*Ball work) (under pressure). It is assumed that all players in this session have good fundamentals in regards to touch in all its forms (dexterity, juggling, footwork, first touch, passing etc).

Players who don't -  will struggle

  • So the footwork we do is more about sharpening the quality of touch (precision, weight, intelligence) and speed of touch rather than learning anything new techniques,


  • We making sure checking, scanning, having the head up and passing (after footwork) are also incorporated. Footwork always has a release.


  • The session includes a little Soccer Volley Ball (its fun and low intensity and a good warm up) but critically works on dealing with a ball that comes at all angles and heights. Players need to be able to deal with an  elevated ball with 2 or one touch.


  • There is also some work on Weak foot. Not only the basics but also differing techniques of strike.


  • But the main purpose of the session is the games part. In this section, the boys will play a games in which intelligence is at it's core. We want players to develop a relationship with time AND space and learn how to find it and manipulate it.

Advanced Session summary

1. Soccer Volley Ball - 15 min

2. Weak foot and the release in general - 15 min

3. Footwork under pressure that uses space and leads into a pass - 30 min

4. Games that test intelligence - 45 min