Catch up missed sessions the normal way

The first to make a note of is this:

When a player commits to the program they are in fact paying for a spot in the program and not for the individual sessions themselves.

It is up to them whether they use this spot or not.


Having said this we want players to improve and to do this players need to do as many sessions as possible. So we are keen to get players to the sessions they have missed and always try to find a way for players to do catch ups for missed sessions, as long as the  viability of the program isn't compromised.


Preferred Catch-up option 1

  • Can your child use the holiday special deal to catch-up missed sessions?
    • Holiday Special deal. 50% discount per session for existing TST players.
    • We do not mind if it takes multiple holidays to catch-up the missed sessions and note that by doing all 4 sessions in one holiday it might in fact catch-up a whole years worth of missed sessions.


Preferred Catch-up option 2

This is only available if your child cannot use the holiday special deal  to catch up missed sessions.

  • Can your child do doubles on a saturday, either this term or in future terms, to make up the missed sessions. We have no problem using multiple terms to catch up missed sessions. Even if it takes all year. In fact we sometimes run an extra coach in some sessions to accommodate doubles.