Apply for LTH/LTI Credits

LTI : Long Term Injury     LTH : Long Term Holiday

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 Long term Injuries

Get in touch with us as soon as you believe a long term injury is stopping your child getting to TST. As soon as we know exactly how long this last we can can agree the credits due.

We then need to use team app to make a record of the exact number of sessions missed, as this will be used as the credit due in future terms.


Note however, if you use the holiday special deal sessions or do a double session, then this will start to offset the credits due.  [Otherwise a double discount would be applied].

Long term Holidays

If you are going away for an extensive period during a term then the following options are available.

1. You can pay for the full term, and then get credits in the following term for the sessions you miss when on holiday

2. You can use the PAYG option and only pay for the sessions you attend. However there are some downsides to this;

  • The sessions are more expensive (and must be paid in cash on the day).
  • It is dependent on there being a space available. You would need to check the day before. If the group is full, then it wouldn't be possible to offer a PAYG session.
  • A spot in a group is not secure and there ois a risk the spot gets filled by another player.


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