Full Terms and Conditions


Full terms and Conditions

Participation in TST means you have read the T&Cs and agree to them

These T&Cs are valid as at and from 1/1/2020 and are valid from this date until they updated.

By participating in TST you are agreeing to abide by the latest version of T&Cs (below).

Failure to read and understand the T&Cs is not a defense against not following them when asked.

Attending a TST session is Free......

The first thing to understand is that by committing to the TST technical Development program, players are paying to reserve a spot in a TST session and not actually paying to attend the session itself. Attendance is free.  Players then choose to attend a session (or not).  So it is expected that players pay for all the sessions in the term to lock in a spot in a group, and then endeavor to get to all of the sessions in a term. Therefore , credits for a missed sessions are not unconditionally carried forward into next term.

[You should not get involved in TST if you can't take advantage of the catch up options that are available, or if you are unable to attend most the sessions, or if the application of the T&Cs are going to be a problem. If the opportunities to catch up missed session do not suit you, then note, the missed sessions will not be credited to future terms unless they fall under the 'Exceptional missed session' banner. (see below).

Payment of fees.

We will send an email out in regards to fees for the next term, mid way through the current term. These fees need to be paid as soon as possible, and no later than 2 weeks before the end of term. Failure to pay fees within this time frame may result in a spot in the program being offered to a player on the waiting list.

Chasing late payments

We will obviously chase again if the fees aren't paid, as the end of the term approaches. To minimize and cover the extra administration, the amount due will be revised. Credits will no longer be applied and the amount due will be the base rate for the term. Chasing unpaid invoices (and unfortunately there is usually a lot) is very time consuming, so this rule is in force to encourage prompt payment.

Correspondence used when chasing late payments.
I am in the process of chasing TST fees. If you have paid and i have missed making a note of it can you let me know when and how it was paid, so i can track it down.
If i have sent you a previous email with the amount due then please refer back to this, otherwise the fees are as follows:
  • 1.10pm group;       $base rate for the term.
  • All other groups :    $base rate for the term.
  • How to pay
I am still spending considerable amount of time chasing late payments and i would prefer to have it all wrapped up. If you are not sure of the fee then use the figures above.
If i have to revisit the fee due, then there will be an administration charge equal to any credits due, so the amount due automatically becomes the amounts offered above.

Normal Missed sessions are not carried forward into the next term :

'Normal Missed sessions' are : Short-term injury & illness : tournaments: club or other commitments : parties : trips away etc. That is : It was effectively a choice to miss a session and do something else instead. There are 2 ways to catch up 'normal' missed sessions.

Catching up sessions in the normal way : If a player wants to catch up a normal missed session then they need use firstly the: holiday special deal. If this is not possible, then the next option is by doing a double session on a saturday but note : A double session option can only be done in the term after the one in which the session was missed.

That is: Doubles are done a term in arrears.

Also note :Double are only an option if there are spaces available in the other session (so check beforehand), and the session level is at the same or slightly lower level than their normal session. (Note: Significantly younger players can't join a significantly older group – more because older players do not want to do a session with a significantly younger player – no matter how good the younger player is).

If too many 'normal' missed sessions occur then unless you can get to the holiday sessions, please think twice about committing. (If you think this is harsh, just bare in mind that most of a session fee goes towards the fixed costs of a session (Venue, coaches, coaches training, program admin, equipment, insurance. Once this is accounted for there is not that much left over. So when you miss a session, you may only see the amount paid, but please note only a small amount of this becomes a profit to the program). So there are No exceptions:

Exceptional Missed sessions : These are Long Term Holidays (LTH) credits / Long Term Injury (LTI) credits / cancelled session credits and other exceptional credits.

These credits will be carried into next term if they can't be caught up using the special holiday deal. Exceptional credits (other than cancelled session credits) need to be applied for at the time they occur. They are not automatically given. Use team app / or an email / to lock in the credit, and we will get back to you confirming that the credit is locked in. There will be no exemptions to this policy. The admin very easily gets out of control if players are allowed to carry credits unconditionally forward into future terms and it puts the viability of the program at risk. Please do not get offended if you ask for an exemption to these rules and the answer is no.


There is a limit to the number of credits that can be carried into the next term

No more than 3 credits per term will be carried forward. If more than 3 sessions are missed continuously in a term, then these session will need to be carried forward in to the following term or caught up during the holidays.


To reiterate :We follow the following procedure when dealing with credits.

1.You must apply for a credit at the time the missed session occurs using a private message in teamapp - under the heading : Missed session credit : Name : Date of missed session and include the Reason (LTI/LTH only) for the missed session in the message.

2. You will then receive a response agreeing to the credit. If there is no response then the credit has not been approved.

3. Use the final confirmation response (which will be done on team app) as a record of these credits.

4. Retrospective application will not be considered.

5. We will not look through a long history list of emails trying to work out if a credit is due or do any additional admin as a result of the procedure above not being followed.

[It is essential that we minimize unnecessary administration as much as possible to ensure that the focus of our attention is on the quality of the sessions we run as much as possible. The more admin we do, the less time we have to work on the quality of the sessions we provide. And members who increase the admin requirements by not following the rules above, take something away from every other member in the program].

Lock in you spot for next term, mid way through the current term

Players need to lock in their spot for next term, mid way through the current term. At this point next term fees will need to be paid in advance and in full. Player who fail to lock in next terms spot run the risk of loosing their spot to another player.

If joining midway through the term players must pay for all the sessions that will take place during the remainder of the term to reserve a spot in a group unless agreed otherwise.


TST at home:

Extra technical information and homework ideas are sent out each week throughout the term. (Starting after session 2).

Access to the extra technical information sent out each week easy available to only those who paid on time This information supports the program and is seen as an important part of the program. Players who did not pay on time  will not receive this information.


There is no PAYG unless otherwise agreed. Where PAYG is granted the fee per session will be more than the standard rate. At this point PAYG fee is:

  • $40 for a 90 minute session, unless agreed otherwise.
  • $30 for a 60 minute session, unless agreed otherwise.

If you know you will miss a sessions during the term - even the first or last.

If a player knows in advance that they are going to miss one or more sessions during the term, the term still needs to be paid for in full and in advance (Remember, players are paying to reserve a spot in a group not for just attending the session itself).

Dropping out the sessions mid way through the term

If you commit/pay for sessions in a term but then can't make the TST sessions in the term you committed to, the best TST can offer you is the opportunity to participate in the program in future, and catching up the missed sessions in the normal way. Credits will not be offered to offset term fees if you return.

What happens to session credits if a player leaves the program (even if for just one term).

If you leave the program, even for a term, and then rejoin the program, any session credits you had when you left will be treated as follows:

A maximum of 1 sessions credit can be used per term when you rejoin. If you had more than one session credit when your left the program, catching up these sessions credits will need to be spread over a number of terms. Or you can do the holiday sessions or double sessions to account for any session credits.

Over payment : Refunds :

Over payments will not be re-credited or accounted for in future terms. If you are not sure of the amount you need to pay then wait for the payment request. Our priority is to reduce the admin strain on the program, and correcting errors that we did not make, is not where we will use our limited resources.

Refunds are not given. If a refund is due it will be used to offset future TST fees.

Special intro deal discount.

You needed to have applied for the discount (send an email with the Subject; Special Intro Discount) which outlines the details (amount and term due) of the special intro discount. We will then send you a private message on team app outlining the discount details, and this can be used as a record and confirmation that a special intro discount is due in a future term. We will not keep a track of discounts other than via a team app private message we send to you, so it is important that you apply for them in accordance with rules above and then apply them when they are due.

Referral Deals

As a general rule, there is no automatic referral discount. However, this will be considered on a case by case basis. New players would need to identify who referred them to the program when commencing and then the referrer would need to apply for a referral discount. Then a referral discount (to be agreed) will be offered to the referrer after the second full term the new player is part of the program.

Family discount:

A family discount is available only in these circumstances. It is really an admin issue - the family discount complicates the admin - whereas our aim is to simplify this process.

So we will invoice the full amount. If you have more than one child in the program, and getting a family discount is critical for your involvement, then you simply apply a 10% discount to the full amount due. You can do this without asking if it is ok. If you ask if its ok. We will refer you back here. Note:  If you pay the full amount then there is no refund.

Cancellation of a Session.

Sessions may be canceled due to Extreme Weather. The Extreme weather policy link. Parents are also expected to check the radar regularly, especially if they travel a fair distance to get to TST,and make their own decision about attending the session.

Sessions may be cancelled if a coach(es) is (are) unable to get to the session. Catch up credits will be carried into next term if a session is canceled unless they are caught up using the holidays/double session (in the next 12 months)..

Group Sizes

The aim is to keep group sizes low

Approx 6-8 max for the very young players U8s and younger (for players still doing game based/fun general technical sessions)
4-6 max for U9-U12 (who require more feedback from coaches)
6-8 max for advanced U11-U14 (who require less feedback and more intensity and action)
12 for players in the advanced Intelligence sessions (who need bigger numbers to play intelligence based games)

Occasionally the above is not possible, so group sizes may vary from the ideal size to accommodate catch ups, coaching shortages (merged groups) or to temporarily accommodate new players.No prior notification will be given regarding any changes to group size, and session credits are not given if the group is bigger than expected.

It is the Player’s/ Parent’s Responsibility to take care of the following:

It is the player’s/parent’s responsibility to ensure players have plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat on hot days, and a rain/warm jacket available if required.Shin guards must be brought to all sessions. This is the parents/ players responsibility. Players should wear shin guards in games that involve tackling. Soccer is a contact sport. Players risk of injury during sessions is a calculated risk (with or without shin guards) and TST cannot beheld responsible for any injuries that occur during these sessions. It is the parents/players responsibility to bring and wear them where necessary Players are expected to act responsibly during the sessions and be 100% focused at the sessions. Any child not taking this approach, after being asked to, will be asked to not participate If a parent leaves their child unattended during a session, TST coaches will not be responsible for a child who is not able to do the session (injury/sickness/toilet needs etc). Parents need to stay in attendance just in case their child needs the toilet, is sick or gets injured. Do not leave a child unattended if they are not able to look after themselves in this regard.Players are not to wander off during/after sessions unless they can see their parents waiting for them. If a player leaves the group it will be assumed they have done so because their parents/guardian are here to collect them. No responsibility can be taken for players who wander off when this is not the case. Parents must communicate this to their child Sessions are sometimes in public areas (although not very often) where dogs and bees (etc) roam free. TST cannot be held responsible for anything that happens which we cannot control. If this is a concern then please do not get involved in the sessions.Sometimes the coach will do demonstrations or have to join in a drill to make up the numbers. In the natural course of a drill, if an incident occurs (as part of the natural process of the drill) which involves the coach and a player (Eg; an accidental collision ) then the coach cannot and will not be held responsible for any injury sustained by a player for such an accident. 2.5kg weights are used to weigh down the goals. Players are not allowed to pick these up. It is the parent's responsibility to let players know about this rule. TST will not be held responsible if a player drops or throws one of these weights and an injury results (to themselves or others) from this action.Players are not allowed to 'boot the ball' or lift the ball off the ground when on the courts/pitch. If any player lifts the ball off the ground and subsequently hits another child in the face/head with a stray ball, then this becomes the liability of the parent of the child who kicked the ball.By participating in the program you are agreeing that basic first aid can be administered to your child if necessary, but note we do not have the resources to look after your child if they get injured. We therefore expect parents (or their associated responsible adult) to be around to look after the player who they are responsible for.By participating in the program you are agreeing to allow your child to be videoed whilst in action at TST, and agree to allow this footage to be used by TST to promote TST on social media, or as an online educational video.