Can i catch up missed sessions in the holidays unconditionally?

 Can i catch up Missed Sessions in the holidays?

 Yes. Each holiday session is discounted. 50% covers the fixed costs of the holiday sessions and then 50% can be used to cover any missed sessions that may have occurred or that may occur in the future.

Understanding Fixed Costs:
Each holiday session (per day) costs close to $1000 to run (venue, coaches etc etc) so we need to make sure that this is as close to being covered as possible. We make no money out of the holiday sessions as most players use the 50% discount deal. We therefore need a fairly big number of participants to just break even. In the region of 30 players per session. So we usually just cover costs in the holiday program, and any profits we could make (if we charge the full amount) are given back as catch up credits.
Due to these fixed costs during the term,  it is impossible to simple carry credits forward unconditionally into future terms. If we did do that, then the fixed costs of either the term sessions (2/3rds of the session fee co) or the holiday sessions - come out of TSTs pocket. That is why player do not actually pay for the term sessions specifically. Players pay for a spot in a group, after which, it is there choice to use that spot or not. On this basis we can make sure we have just the right number of groups with the right number of players in each group to cover costs and make the program profitable. Note sometimes, it would only take 1 player less in some groups for that group to run at a loss.
So for every session your child missed last term the fixed costs of the group they reserved a spot in, were still paid regardless of their attendance. We am happy to soak this cost up (for long term holiday /injuries) for players who remain committed to the program (hence why the credits come off the following term) even though the group may have run at a loss during the sessions missed.