The Tevez Drill – Take the challenge !!!

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One of the key reasons for doing the Tevez drill is to see
How fast you can go !?

Here are few videos which look purely at the time it takes to complete the Tevez Drill
Unofficial times use flat cones (this makes it a little easier)
Official times need to use traffic cones

Official Fastest Tevez time (u16)

When VC (above) was U12 he did it 10.99. The U12 record is 10.07, and we have since had U10s who did it quicker. VC worked hard on his touch and ball moving in a general way (there is no training specifically for the Tevez drill in VCs case). Once ayear we would come back to the Tevez drill and the progression showed that his ability to move the ball around his feet got quicker and neater every year we did it (which was only once a year). He is now playing professionally In Europe.

Fastest Tevez Times at Each Age

Fastest U7 Time

(Unofficial - needs to be traffic cones)

Fastest U10 Time

Fastest Female U12 Time

Fastest U8 Time

(Unofficial - needs to be traffic cones)

Fastest U11 Time

Fastest U13 Time

Fastest U9 Time

Fastest U12 Time

Fastest U14 Time


Fastest U15 Time




Other good attempts:

Fast but Unofficial fastest times.


Unofficial Fastest U11 Time


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