What is the Tevez Drill?

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The Tevez Drill is really just a ball moving exercise which can test a number of things.

  • Speed on the ball
  • Touch
  • Ability to use various parts of the feet

It is a fixed pattern (2 figure of eights)  and a fixed distance (2m between each cone), that allows players to assess where they are at right now and whether their ability to move the ball around their feet is improving.

When done well it looks like this;


 It is called the Tevez Drill because the idea came from the video below;

The figure of eight pattern (in the middle of the drill) was the bit that became the Tevez Drill, as it is a great way of developing and testing quick ball movement at speed.

So Tevez didn’t actually do the Tevez drill, and Mr Tevez certainly doesn’t know that there is a ball moving exercise named after him.

It would be great if he did, and it would be good to see how quick he could do it!



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