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Other Important Info : Main T&Cs

Secure a spot in the Program : The term fee secures a place in the program for a term and thereafter you choose which sessions you attend. The fee is not for the sessions themselves. The main reason for this is that each session has considerable fixed costs, which need to be paid whether a player attends a session or not. Only a small % of the fee becomes net income for the program.  If you feel you can not commit to the program on these terms then please do not get involved.

We also provide lots of online practice material as a resource that allows players, who miss sessions, to practice at home. Again this is the players choice to use it or not, but nonetheless online practice material acts as a catch up for missed sessions.

Missed sessions : Based on the above there are no credits given for missed sessions in normal circumstances :

Exceptions : Cancelled sessions [Extreme weather policy] : Long term illness : Long term injuries (see below) : 

In regards to long term illness and long term injuries (LTIs), you can apply (at the time of the missed sessions) for a full session credit that can be carried forward into next term.

[Note LTIs means: 3 continuous sessions or more are missed and during which you couldn't also take part in any training, including club training or online practice].

[Note : The fixed costs for a session need to be covered regardless of attendance, and note that fees are calculated assuming full attendance will occur, so any credits offered does have an impact on the viability of the program, especially if a number of players claim credits. At one point in the past, we did offer unconditional full credits but soon found the program was no longer viable on this basis, hence why the strict policy above is in place now.]

All credits will be used to offset the cost of the next term's fees. If a player chooses not to continue in the program, then any credits will be lost."

JBNPL Double header Holiday sessions : Also if there are a number of NPL double headers, then we will offer sessions during the holidays to catch up the missed sessions.

General Holiday sessions : We may run holidays sessions in the future and may use these to offer catch up options, but it is unlikely they will run in the next holidays.

If this will be a problem please do not get involved in the program.

We do not do free trial sessions. We have been running for 15 years mostly by word of mouth. Our program will add massive value to a players development bubble. If you need to see the program in action before getting involved then you are free to come and watch us in action before making a decision. Or use the free online sessions, get up to speed with what we do, and get involved when you are ready.

Payment is required in advance : To secure a spot players must ideally pay in full and in advance for the term. Payments after week 3 are deemed late. 

Late Payment : There is a $5 late payment change (for every week payment is late after week 3). This is to compensate for unnecessary admin time spent chasing fees, and as an incentive to pay on time. Note, If a player misses a session before payment is made then this session still needs to be paid for as it is the spot in a group, not the sessions, that is being paid for.

As a general rule there is no PAYG option although exceptions may apply if an existing player can't commit every week, but wants to still be involved in the program. PAYG players need to contact us on the friday before the session to ask if there is a space in an appropriate group but please note group spots are given to players who commit for the term. Spaces in groups are not held open for players who cannot commit. So there is no guarantee that a PAYG spot will be available each week.

There is a $5 admin charge is added to the session fee when you PAYG. This is to also discourage the use of this option. Players who turn up without checking first that a space is available may find that there are no spaces available and that they can not actually take part in the session.

Siblings : As a general term, there is no sibling discount available. This is more about making the admin process more straight forward. If having a sibling discount is the difference between getting involved and not getting involved, then please let me know and we may be able to make an exception.

These admin rules are in place to ensure that the administration of the program is massively simplified. This will allow us to offer more online material,  to further help the development process.

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