Extreme Weather Policy

Extreme Weather T&Cs

  • Sessions may be canceled due to Extreme Weather.

    • Heat. If the BOM predicted temp* is 32º degrees or over for over half the session then the session will be canceled. This will be done in advance, based on the predicted temp available (using BOM.gov.au) on the morning before the session. * Note the artificial surface adds another 2 or 3 degrees to temp, so 32º can quickly feel like 34º or 35º.

      • Note : If the temp is around 30 degrees we will run a 'hot weather session' where the focus will be on passing techniques and passing accuracy. We may not do footwork practice or games that require high intensity levels.

    • Rain; Light to moderate persistent rain (or heavy downpours) is not a problem for the players but it may be for the coaches who are working all day, especially when it is very cold and there is no chance to dry out and warm up. Sessions may be canceled if it is felt the weather prevents coaches coaching for prolonged periods. Cancellation is more likely in winter when it is just rain. Unlikely to be a problem otherwise.

    • Heavy rain and storms. We will use the radar images to regularly check the severity of any predicted storms and check whether they pass over the venue. Sporadic storms, or quick downpours are ok. We can get under cover and let them pass. Heavy prolonged storms, especially with thunder/lightening/hail, may cause sessions to be canceled. If a session gets abandoned during the session, then there will be no catch up credit given (as coaches and venue expenses still need to be covered). Sessions that are canceled before they start will fall under the canceled session policy. Parents are also expected to check the radar regularly, especially if they travel a fair distance to get to TST, and make their own decision about attending the session.

    • Humidity :  Effects of High Humidity on the Human Body : One reason humidity makes hot weather more unbearable is that the higher the relative humidity, the higher the temperature actually feels. For instance, a temperature of 95°F (35ºC) feels like 95°F when the relative humidity is 30%. But bump that humidity up to 65% and that same 95°F feels like a whopping 117°F (47ºC) ! A heat index chart factors relative humidity into temperature to provide a more accurate assessment of what the temperature feels like. [ 30º becomes 35º if humidity is at 70%].



If a session is cancel then click on this link to get an explanation why it cannot then be uncancelled.




All cancelled sessions credits are carried forward into next term unconditionally.