Cancelled sessions cannot then be uncancelled.

Melbourne weather … what do you do?


I had a fair number of emails Saturday morning asking if TST was back on, since it appeared that the weather was going to be much cooler than expected.


I must admit it did look like the weather gods were teasing me and in fact the weather would be OK in the afternoon. (I have been watching too many vikings shows on Netflix)


Unfortunately, however, once the session is cancelled, then i no longer have the right to use the pitch. It would involve going back to the school on Saturday morning and getting permission to rehire the pitch, which as you can imagine is not an option on the saturday morning.


Plus if i were to un-cancel the session, then it is unlikely the majority of players and coaches would be available (after understandably making other plans) so i would run the risk of running the session with low numbers (but still having to pay for the full pitch and coaching team (which is in excess of $1500) without a guarantee that these costs would be covered). IT would also create an admin challenge in regards to who should and who shouldn’t get catch credits next term. So for these reasons it is not possible to un-cancel a session once it has been cancelled, nor viable to run a session with low numbers.


So, in a nutshell, if we need to cancel a TST session for the health and safety of the coaches and players based on the predicted weather, then it will be done 24 hours before the session and will not be revised if the weather then becomes ok.


As it turned out, at about 4pm where I was, it was 31º and humid. It was pretty yuk and would have been very unpleasant to train in. I was happy with the decision to cancel based on this. I don't know if Camberwell was the same, but it would have been similar surely.


I hope you all understand, and obviously all players have another credit now for next term. That’s 2 so far.





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