T1 2021 Covid Protocols

HI all,

Technical Soccer Tuition training at Camberwell High School (T4 2020 on on-wards) needs to be in strict accordance to all Federal and School Protocols and Regulations.


TST and the school have worked hard to put these protocols in place, however everyone must take individual responsibility to follow all directions and protocols to ensure the safety of every individual associated with TST. These protocols are designed to ensure that TST is complying with social distancing guidelines and safe hygiene measures. Any player, parent or official not adhering to these protocols will be excluded from training. Please make sure you read through the following thoroughly.

You must not attend training, at any time going forward, if in the past 14 days you:
• Have flu-like symptoms,and respiratory symptoms and have not been tested.
• Have been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19


  • A record of attendance will be kept by TST for every training session.
  • Players to arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of their session and to leave immediately after training session at the direction of the coach. There will be a designated entry and exit which all players and parents need to use correctly. Adhere to all social distancing rules when arriving and leaving.
  • Unless it is absolutely necessary to be present at training, parents and carers must drop off and pick up their child and stay in the car if remaining at training, and follow the strict entrance and exit procedures.If parents / carers need to be present during the session then they need to adhere to all social distancing rules. There is no access to the training pitch except for players and coaches.
  • Coaches will isolate and send home any player who presents with flu-like or respiratory symptoms. Parents therefore need to be contactable throughout the session
  • There will be no headers or handling of the balls (and equipment).


  • Players and coaches must hand sanitize before and after each session. We strongly also recommend that each player bring their own hand sanitize to each training session
  • Coaches are responsible for sanitizing the training footballs after each session
  • Only coaches have access to the equipment.
  • There will be only one toilet available for players and coaches to access and only one person at a time will be admitted, ideally players must avoid using the toilet wherever possible. This toilet is the public toilet next to the tennis club pavilion. We strongly suggest that all players go to the toilet at home before coming to training to guarantee they do not expose themselves to potential risk. The school toilets will not be open.
  • Players will need to bring a bag containing with all they they will need during the session, and keep their bags near their training area. At break times players do not mingle with players from other groups.
  • Players must not share drink bottles and these must be clearly labelled with the players name
  • No spitting or any associated poor behaviors that may put players, coaches or players at risk is allowed

What a session will look like

  • Players will be split into 4 groups and each group will use a separate corner of the pitch. Groups will not mix on the day. Players must go directly to their corner on arrival (taking their bag with them).

  • If player is not sure which is their corner then go to the middle of the pitch and wait.

Entering and Exiting training.

  • All players must enter the facility via the designated entry G3. See Map (Note : G2 not an option)
  • Players can exit using the G3 entry option as long as it it is done within 5 minutes of the sessions ending. Otherwise they will need to use the the G4 exit. See Map
  • All parking must be off site. There is plenty of parking spaces at the railway station or in local streets.
  • Please complete the following to lock in a spot in the appropriate session for your child.


By signing this form you agree that you and your child will abide by the protocols outlined above.

Note: For each session, and each week, the school has asked TST to provide a list of all attendees in each session. This information will include date, session time, player name, and contact details

CHS Covid prorocol map.png